• Regardless of how important your online presence is, no one has money to burn.


    Consensual Reality offers an economical solution for your website needs.


    If you are flexible in your design, we can offer inexpensive website templates to tailor with the look and feel you desire.

  • If you have very specific needs that require a custom website built from the ground up, we can do that too.

    Consensual Reality has relationships with several Web Design Studios to aid in large and complicated projects

    If your project is something we can’t handle, we can suggest other design houses that can elevate your site to the next level

A vanity site is a simple site to give you web presence. Usually one to three pages. Social Media integrated.
Contains four to eight pages. This site is a typical site for personal or small business. More info involved, more features.
Contains many features like email mailing list, calendar, multiple galleries. These are sites that require intensive customization.
Custom Site's are just that. Built from the ground up or so heavily customized they might as well be built from scratch.