Vanity Site

A vanity site, very simple is a placeholder on the internet that gives someone or something an internet presence. It gets it name from the simple one page placeholders people would use to hold their names as domain names, for example Paul Bunyan doesn’t have any need for a webpage but doesn’t want someone else to use his name for a webpage so he puts up a one page site with his name and picture.

This was a practice waaaay back in the ’80′s when the internet was young and no one really knew what would happen. With the advent of diffirent domain classifications like .org, .net, .biz, and so on this practice was left behind but the name remains.

These sites are simple to produce, are not labor intensive and can be very affordable.

Vanity Sites can also be called “Landing Pages” because there is only one page to land on when you surf to that domain. Landing Pages mostly are used to make a Coming Soon announcement.

Here is are two current examples of landing pages.