About Us

Consensual Reality is the brain salad of Brian Shupe and Abigail Janssens. Both Abigail and Brian traveled the world chasing music, while pretending to enjoy their full time jobs. Abigail was District Operations Manager for 10 Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops and Brian worked in the IT department for American Express.
In 2002 they decided to go after their passion and started working in the music industry full time. During this time Brian work with Gov’t Mule’s team to relaunch their website from top to bottom, implemented their digital download program, and maintained their websites. Traveling with the band, he would update the site nightly, as well as process their live shows for download through Mule Tracks.
In 2005 Brian and Abigail purchased a local music venue and put what they learned at the feet of Gov’t Mule, The Allman Brothers, Phil Lesh and Friends, and The Dead to use, molding their venue on the classic venues of the rock circuit. After 8 years Abigail is taking over duties at The 8×10, while Brian focuses on his computer background.

Consensual Reality’s process is based on quality website for a fair price. Our first step is to suggest our clients consider using a website template that can be tailored to their needs, rather than design a site from the ground up. We liken this process to buying a suit off the rack, but then taking it to a professional tailor to get it altered to your personal fit. This approach makes a $2500 website’s cost come down to the $750 range. If a client wants a simple standard website with one or two common pages, we can come in as low as $300. While every clients situation is different, the idea is to build upon a template and save man hours writing code that can be purchased affordably.
There are times when there are no other options but to hand code features and designs, and we are equipped for those occasions. However, if you can get a quality website, for an affordable price, why wouldn’t you?