Custom Site

The Custom Site is by far the most expensive option. This is coding a site from the ground up.
The most labor intensive of all the processes, naturally leads to the finished site being exactly what you are looking for.

Very rarely do we find the need to completely build from the ground up. There is usually some theme or framework onto which we can alter and mold to fit the needs of the client.
When that situation does arise, we stop accepting work from other clients until the project is entering it’s final phase.
This ensures your project gets the singular attention it deserves.

We do not believe in doing work just for the sake of generating man-hours. If there is a quality off the shelf plugin or theme that will satisfy your needs we will guarantee due diligence to try and locate and implement it. If we can do the job with the same quality and finish quicker using someone else’s code, that is the right decision for the client and therefore our business.

We rely on happy customers for referrals so it just isn’t smart to over-work and over-charge.

Custom Sites are few and far between, but they do happen.